Writing Culture Reconstructed

Jan 14, 2020

Today marks the official release of my first book, Culture Reconstructed!

And it’s safe to say… writing a book isn’t easy. 

The process of combining my business principles and passion for culture into one book was a daunting task to say the least.

Every aspect of the book from the diagrams to the title to the cover has taken hours of trial and error and an army of people helping to create a final product that I am extremely proud of. 

As a business leader, growing a healthy culture has always been a passion of mine, first for myself and my own business, and more recently for the businesses of others. The process of helping leaders refine their leadership principles and grow winning cultures was really the heartbeat behind this book. 

So that was where the inspiration for the book’s tagline came from – a “start-where-you-are” guide to building a culture of impact. 

I realize that no two companies are the same because no two people within a company are the same. That’s why this book is designed to meet businesses where they are in pursuit of a better culture. 

Small companies or big companies.

Leaders of a hundred employees or just a few.

Brand new businesses or well established businesses. 

These components or “building blocks” of culture that constitute Culture Reconstructed are designed to help any type of business. These building blocks have served me well for years of working with my team, clients, and the community. 

The content in this book is meant to help any businessperson operate more effectively in their workplace. As I release this book to the world I am excited for these principles to inspire others in their pursuit of a better culture. 

I love reflecting on the effectiveness of company cultures, especially my own. The tools in this book have helped me for years and continue to influence the way I lead my team. 

So here are just a few of the principles of Culture Reconstructed that have directly played out in the writing of this book. 

If you’re going to improve your culture, you must develop trust in your team.

Writing, editing, designing, promoting, and everything else in between have been a team effort across the board. My idea of trust was stretched and pushed in the writing of this book. I had an entire team behind me, but in the end, it’s my name on the book. I had to trust my team’s 

You should always hire for the type of culture you want to create. 

I am reminded in the writing of this book how strong the talents of my team are in every area imaginable. Companies are far more than just values and strategies written on a wall. When all is said and done, the people you hire are the ones who will really determine the company culture, and I am grateful for the culture that has been established and will continue to be established in the publication of Culture Reconstructed. 

How you encourage the innate strengths in others will directly determine the benefits you will reap in the future. 

I am extremely grateful for the strengths of my team. Without the complimentary strengths of each individual this book would have been impossible to finish. Encouraging others to use their strengths is a wonderful thing, not only for the person but also for your business. As I mention in Culture Reconstructed, teams have an incredible ability to benefit each other and the overall cause of the company when they use their strengths in conjunction with one another. 

Needless to say, I have learned a lot from writing my first book and am glad for the practicality of these principles that continue to serve me well. While I hope this book serves as an inspiration to many people, true culture change starts with strong leadership and determination to establish something different. 

So even if you never pick up a copy of Culture Reconstructed, I hope you are inspired to create a culture that serves others well and impacts your company for years to come.

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