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Watching Billy in action is a guaranteed win! He is fun and draws in massive crowd participation, but more importantly, his message has a big impact.

Kelly Brereton

CEO, Sagepath

In my 37 years with Chick-fil-A I have rarely if ever met anyone who has the ability to inspire, motivate, and elicit passion from a room full of people like Billy Boughey.

David Salyers

Author of Remarkable!

I have worked with Billy for years in various leadership contexts, and he has always impressed me with his energy, focus and passion for developing others.

Mark Cole

CEO, The John Maxwell Company

We spend time thinking through how to make our team a priority and Billy does an amazing job of leading experiences that educate and inspire our team.

LaTonia McGinnis

Cibiz Wellness Executive, RaceTrac

Created for Experience Podcast

Billy is the host and creator of the Created for Experience podcast. This podcast seeks to add value to listeners by exploring elements of personal stories and how they shape your future. We aim to equip leaders through guests stories, experiences, and practical actions that will inspire listeners to reflect and take action. 

Culture Reconstructed

Billy’s first book, Culture Reconstructed, is being released in the Fall of 2019. This book is a start-where-you-are guide to creating the foundation for a culture of impact in the workplace and beyond. If you want to to create a better work culture, this book is for you. 

The Four Store

Four Apparel is Billy’s personal line of clothing and gear, and it’s inspired by his personal life mantra. Billy’s perspective on life is to live every day like it’s the 4th quarter of the game. Give every moment everything you got – treating each moment like it’s your last. All Four Store apparel, resources, and programs help leaders start a better conversation and live life to the full.

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