Showing Up for Others

Jan 13, 2020

We are responsible for the people we come into contact with on a daily basis.

This statement might not come as a surprise at first glance. But what if I told you this applies not only to your family and friends, but also to the person you pass by at the grocery store or on the street?

Justin Kershaw, a friend and inspirational leader, presented me with this idea recently and totally shifted my perspective on the people I meet daily. 

Precious Moments

Justin has the mindset that we all have a God-given calling and responsibility for the people around us. 

He believes that every moment is precious, and there is no ordinary experience.

If we treat every moment in our life like an ordinary encounter, we’ll waste our time making the excuse that we have plenty of other opportunities just like this one. But it’s quite the opposite. No moment is ordinary. We might only have one chance for this particular conversation or encounter, and we have to be ready to give it our all.

Peel Back the Layers

People are complex. But you knew that already.

For this reason, it would be naive to assume that we have the power or even the capacity to better the lives of every single person we pass by on a daily basis. But we do have an amazing opportunity to help those around us by faithfully showing up. 

Yes, people are complex. But if we take the time to peel back the layers, we can learn so much more about the people around us. 

So much of bettering the lives of others is simply being there as a kind, non judgemental presence in a world that is so quick to push people aside. 

Fourth Quarter Lifestyle

Last year I released a video on the concept of living a 4th Quarter lifestyle. In the context of a sporting event, the fourth quarter signifies a shift in the perspective of the team, as they rush to give it all they’ve got before time runs out and the game ends. 

I think we need a greater sense of urgency in our everyday lives. If we live every day like the fourth quarter, we give it everything we’ve got, every day we’re alive. Life’s uncertainties shouldn’t cause us to draw back and do less, they should make us urgent to do more with the precious time we have. 

The Fourth Quarter lifestyle is a concept that starts within ourselves. But it shouldn’t end there. Making up our minds to take full advantage of every situation means being ready to help our neighbor when they are in need. Whether it’s a coworker, family member, friend, or stranger, we have a great opportunity to look beyond ourselves and make an impact for others if we are simply willing to show up.

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