Care – Culture Reconstructed

Jan 9, 2020

“Caring for others is not just a gesture to make others feel good. Care is intentionally thinking for someone else in a way that causes them to work and live at an optimum level.”

When we care, we have the potential to radically change the course of someone’s day and even the rest of their life. 

Small gestures can speak volumes to an employee, a client, or anyone else you might encounter. 

The idea of genuinely caring about others more than yourself in the business world seems somewhat paradoxical. After all, shouldn’t we prioritize climbing the corporate ladder?

I actually believe the two can go hand in hand. 

How many of us try to force ourselves to care? It becomes a feeling that we can discipline ourselves into exerting at certain times and one we totally ignore at other times. 

I think care needs to be a reflex. The more we do it, the more it becomes second nature. 

Once we begin to genuinely care for other people, our employees, coworkers, and friends will begin to care a little more too. 

Culture Reconstructed breaks down 5 practical ways to show people in your organization that you care. None of them are too complicated, but they all go to great lengths in boosting morale and creating a work environment that people actually enjoy. 

For more on this topic, check out Culture Reconstructed, available January 2020!



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