Growing a Meaningful Brand

Jul 8, 2019

Growing a Meaningful Brand


Growing a brand takes a lot of intentionality and dedicated time. This is something I learned throughout the past year and a half with my team. If you are looking to start a brand, start by deciding why you want to grow a brand. 

What are you trying to produce? 

I wanted to encourage others and help create a world with no upequiped leaders. All the content I create goes towards that goal and vision. Find your vision and work towards accomplishing it. 


When starting a personal brand, have a strong group of people supporting and helping you. I have two people on my team since the beginning who share my vision and work hard to keep things organized.


Another important thing to do when growing your brand is having organized meeting time. We plan our meetings, so we have specific topics to go over and everyone can share work or accomplishments from previous meetings. 


During these meetings, it’s important to come up with big ideas and plans but to also have specific tasks to work on. Gary Vee made a great point I think is relatable here. You need a balance between the “clouds” and the “dirt.” The clouds represent having your head in the clouds and depicts the creating stage. The dirt represents the work and actually completing tasks. In meetings about your brand, there should be a balance between these two.


Meeting once a week is really helpful for me because it keeps team members accountable for their action items from the week before. When you leave a meeting, make sure everyone knows their action steps when they leave and will be prepared to work until the next meeting. Also, ensure you are able to hold each other accountable for their tasks getting completed in a timely manner.


Working to create a successful and meaningful brand can be difficult to get running but is worth it when you’re able to impact even one person. I hope these tips and ideas encourage you to begin your brand. Establish your “why,” have a strong group of people around you, and work to make meetings organized. 


To anyone wanting to start a brand: just start. Get out there, create content, and post it. Create an impact. You don’t have to be an expert in every area to succeed.

Action > Ideas.


Your fan,

Billy B

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