When Called Upon

Mar 8, 2019

When Called Upon

The Clemson Tigers had a very rare season in 2018-19 as they went 15-0 and were crowned Champions of the College Football Playoff. Watching the talent, team work, outstanding coaching and play-calling beat Alabama made me very happy. I am an Auburn fan through and through, but I have to say, “Go Tigers” means a lot more to me now after my experience this past weekend.

At the Clemson Memorial Stadium (better known as Death Valley) this past Saturday, I had the privilege to host the All Pro Dad Experience that brought over 1,200 people to one place to have a fun and meaningful experience. If you haven’t heard of All Pro Dad or Family First, take a look to see some awesome work to build families and better communities. Our team partners with All Pro Dad to host on-field activations that mix football drills, meaningful content and a lot of fun.

Although I began this blog by highlighting Clemson and All Pro Dad, that isn’t what this piece is all about. The title says it all, and I want to share something that happened to me in one five-second interaction towards the end of our event activation. The head trainer asked me if I wanted to stay and be the DJ of their practice because they wanted energy and fun for their scrimmage that day. My initial thought was no because I had to get home to Atlanta, but then the voice of opportunity awakened within a few seconds, and I had no choice but to say yes. This piece is about that moment and many like it I have had over the course of my career.

Clemson DJ

Have you ever had a moment you knew you were prepared for, but you said no because of insecurity, fear or time? I sure have and continually learn to listen to the voice of dissent and outlandish confidence that cries from within. Daring to do great things in the long term require momentary insanity or pressing the limits of what we are “supposed to do.” If you would allow me, I want to provide a framework around these three words that will inspire you to walk in unbridled courage in the moments you are called upon.


This is enemy number one in achieving great things and taking advantage of the requests that come your way. Having a lack of security comes from a lack of self-worth and a lack of self-worth comes from an identity that is built on a shaky ground. Listen, I grew up in rough conditions and didn’t have consistent leadership over me or someone speaking identity and confidence into me. One of the reasons I am so passionate about encouraging my children and speaking identity to those I interact with is because I didn’t get it growing up. My faith and becoming grounded in who I am and what I am all about has allowed me to walk in a new confidence and abundance. The best way to battle insecurity is to remind yourself in the good times and bad times who you really are. You can always accomplish more than you think you can so don’t wait until the timing is right or the feeling moves you to action.


This singular word is the one that stops ideas from coming to the surface. I honestly don’t get sad when I attend a funeral or pass by a graveyard due to the person no longer being here, I get sad about the ideas they had still inside of them that never came out. Most people die with their best ideas still in their minds and hearts and I really hope this blog wakes you up to get your ideas out and to do something with them. Don’t let a fear of finding time to dream prevent you from becoming the full version of yourself. Fear should not hold you captive.


This one is extremely real and scheduling serendipity must become a priority if you want to be ready when called upon. If you are going to walk fully in the opportunities that are presented to you, you must not stuff your schedule so full that you can’t respond when people see your talent and want to leverage it. Life is busy, and we must schedule things that are most important. Hear me say that scheduling serendipity and giving space for people to tap into your talent is a must-have in every schedule. I know a majority of the time you can’t schedule greatness, but you can give yourself mental and emotional space to chase the dreams inside of you.

If you’ve ever let insecurity, fear or time cause you to say NO to something great, let me give a few final reminders.

Saying NO never moved the needle.
Saying NO never inspires change.
Saying NO never seizes opportunities.
Saying NO is a cancer that should be murdered in your heart.

There are other factors and reasons to say no to something, but insecurity, fear and time shouldn’t be among them. Say yes so that when you are called upon, you gain an opportunity that may not happen again. Say yes… to yourself, your talent, your future and the impact you have yet to have with the influence you have been given.

Needless to say, I DJ’ed Clemson’s practice as the players smiled and danced while warming up. I am so glad I had the opportunity to help spur on the Clemson Tigers in their future as well. If I say yes to something that causes me to die, but I am chasing my dream, then let me out of here cause I will die a happy man.

Your fan,
Billy B

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