Billy is an internationally-recognized communicator, thought-leader and emcee who has led events for Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-A, The John Maxwell Company and many other notable organizations.

Keynote Topics include:

Leader Games: The games we play in culture and how we can realign the pieces and players. In this talk, Billy uses game boards and pieces to illustrate different work environments and how to work better together. Results of this talk include:

  • Employees inspired to own their contributions with more vigor
  • Transparency in how your teams and company currently function
  • Practical tips to become a healthier workplace

The Customer Experience: Learn how to bring remarkable to your customer experience. In this talk, Billy unpacks how to create a high level of excellence that causes your customers to rave. Results of this talk include:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Higher buy in with your clientele
  • Customers that buy more often 

Culture Reconstructed: Create a growing business within a culture worth working for. In this talk, Billy shares key principles of how to build and maintain a healthy work culture. Results of this talk include:

  • Increased employee engagement
  • Higher job satisfaction
  • More effective communication company-wide

“Being a leader is way more about letting others help you than doing it all by yourself.”

—Billy Boughey

Watching Billy in action is a guaranteed win! He is fun and draws in massive crowd participation, but more importantly, his message has a big impact.

Kelly Brereton

CEO, Sagepath

In my 37 years with Chick-fil-A I have rarely if ever met anyone who has the ability to inspire, motivate, and elicit passion from a room full of people like Billy Boughey.

David Salyers

Author of Remarkable!

I have worked with Billy for years in various leadership contexts, and he has always impressed me with his energy, focus and passion for developing others.

Mark Cole

CEO, The John Maxwell Company

We spend time thinking through how to make our team a priority and Billy does an amazing job of leading experiences that educate and inspire our team.

LaTonia McGinnis

Cibiz Wellness Executive, RaceTrac

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