Anytime Billy is hired as a speaker, he follows a process of listen, create, deliver. Billy learns about the audience and listens to what the client desires, creates a custom talk that is perfectly aligned, and delivers an engaging and unique experience.

Check out some of the sample talks Billy has delivered in the past: 

Hip Hop music is a well known art form but did you know you can learn leadership lessons from famous hip hop artists? To learn more, click the title!

You are Here

Attendees will find a starting point to set goals and become more intentional with their schedule.

Communication Matters

Attendees will learn three specific principles to communicate better to teams and the community. 

Chase Your Greatness

Most people live each day only tapping into a tiny portion of their potential. In this session, Billy inspires attendees to discover their potential and actively pursue their calling.

Take Ground

In this session, the audience will be motivated to step up in their leadership and take ground, or make strides towards a better future. 

Team Over Customers

Some companies believe the customer is always right over the team (or employees). In this session, attendees will learn how to prioritize employees’ talents, skills and perspective in an authentic, and real way. 

Kick the Bricks

Frustrations build up between people all the time and with each frustration, the wall between that relationship keeps getting higher. This session teaches attendees how to break down walls between each other, to create a more cohesive and connected workplace. 

Tough Conversations

This talked is centered around helping attendees use boldness, clarity and vision to have tough conversations. 

Pack Out Your Funeral

Some people need to wake up and stop sitting on their heels, waiting for life to happen to them. In this session, Billy guides attendees to live a life of passion, purpose and no regrets.

Brand Breakthrough

This session is for those starting a personal brand for the first time or wanting to add more purpose to what they already have. Billy shares strategies to grow your personal brand in this inspiring and engaging talk. 

“Billy is the real deal. From motivation to team building, Billy shares stories of impact and inclusion. Get ready to be inspired, engaged and on your feet. Billy challenges you to be better at what you do at work and home.”   

Kelly Brereton, SagePath

“I have had the opportunity to work with Billy on a number of events. His enthusiasm, work ethic, and professionalism are amazing. I will continue working with him every chance I get!”

Andy Thoms, See.Spark.Go

“Billy is the kind of communicator that gives you a point for your head and a picture for your heart. He puts a smile on the faces of everyone in the audience and effortlessly leads a room. He is in the top of his class when it comes to both hosting and keynote talks.”

Tyler Yaken, Growing Leaders

“Billy is a load of energy and presents thought-provoking content. He inspired and encouraged our staff while also providing some really practical applications to help us get better. I am grateful for any experience with him!”

Adam Johnson, Browns Bridge Church

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