Billy’s coaching sessions can take place in person or over the phone. He can customize a coaching program that best fits your goals and desires. 

Here are his coaching packages: 

Half Day Coaching Session

Spend a half day with Billy to focus on developing yourself as a leader, speaker, or emcee. Through an initial phone call, Billy will hear your goals and customize a half day experience that leaves you with tools to reach your desired outcomes.

6 Month Coaching Program

If you are looking for monthly or bi-weekly calls or in-person meetings that are consistently helping you improve in your brand or leadership, the 6 Month Coaching Program may be a great fit. During an initial call, Billy will help you identify goals for the program, strategic topics and action steps to help you make progress over those 6 months.

One Day Personal Brand Bootcamp

In this full day, personal brand bootcamp, Billy will help you develop the purpose and unique perspective behind your personal brand. He will coach you on social media and sales techniques for how to leverage your brand in the marketplace.

12 Month Coaching Program

The 12 Month Coaching Program is our highest rated offering, with consistent coaching from Billy. This program includes an initial brainstorm session to discover big goals you have for your leadership or brand and continues with monthly or bi-weekly check ins with Billy to measure progress.

“I have worked with Billy for years in various leadership contexts, and he has always impressed me with his energy, focus and passion for developing others.”

Mark Cole, CEO John Maxwell Enterprises

“Everyone wants an amazing culture, but too few of us know how to make it happen. We drift along from one day to the next, hoping things will somehow magically changes, and wondering why our workplaces lack energy and enthusiasm. Billy gives the solution in his coaching!”.

Kevin Scott, Author & Co-Founder of ADDO Worldwide

“In my 37 years with Chick-fil-A, I have rarely if ever met anyone who has the ability to inspire, motivate and elicit passion from people like Billy Boughey.”

David Salyers, Chick-fil-A

“Billy treats his team like family and is a master at elevating his team into their genius zones so they can truly shine. In this day and age, I don’t think you can have a successful business without a successful culture and Billy seems to lead well in this area.”

Sunny Lenarduzzi, Entrepreneur & Branding Coach