Transparency – Culture Reconstructed

Jan 22, 2020

“Transparency is about fostering openness, so feedback and criticism may elevate your current team and culture. I encourage you to fight for radical clarity.”

Strong cultures, like any healthy relationship, are built around trust. 

In my opinion, transparency is one of the greatest ways to build trust and is an incredibly effective communication technique. Like many of the other building blocks in Culture Reconstructed, it is essential that transparency start at the top, in order to genuinely become part of your everyday company culture. 

As leaders, we should be striving to create an environment where transparency can take root. Set aside time to actually have transparent conversations with your team. 

Once you have taken on a posture of transparency, encourage your team to grow in transparency as well. Ask questions about the culture they wish to see and be prepared to listen and take action on their support or criticism. You can always measure how good a culture is by how freely team members communicate with their superior. Remember: people leave bosses, not jobs. 

Transparency allows people to feel heard. Even though it’s not easy, and can often lead to difficult conversations, it creates a healthier culture in the long run. 

Transparency comes back to the idea of care. Authentically caring for someone doesn’t mean avoiding hard topics, but approaching these topics with love and sincerity. 

For more on this topic, including the three essential elements to evaluate when it comes to a culture of transparency, check out Culture Reconstructed, available January 2020!


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