Celebration – Culture Reconstructed

Jan 21, 2020

“The result of celebrating people isn’t just to make them feel good, but to demonstrate to the team and clients what’s important to the organization.”

Everyone wants recognition. From their daily contributions, to yearly milestones, I believe everyone is worth celebrating and that true celebration comes from recognizing greatness in others. 

Be consistent in celebrating team members for birthdays, work anniversaries, and the company values they exemplify. Consistency is key because it allows people to see their hard work paying off. 

Take some time to plan out the things you are going to celebrate. Be strategic in making time for celebration in the workplace. More than anything else, what you celebrate will send a strong message to your team and clients about your values. 

Be smart in what you celebrate. Celebration is incredibly important, but if every little thing is celebrated, it will turn into white noise that your team will eventually tune out. 

Celebration should focus around your core values. Know what you stand for, and be ready to celebrate your team when you see them living out the company values. 

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