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Jan 16, 2020

“Systems don’t create restrictions, they free up creativity and innovation. An organization that embraces systems sets themselves up for progress.”

There always seems to be a tension between organization and creativity. As if having one makes it impossible to have the other. I think the exact opposite is true.

Creativity in business requires giving yourself enough structure to best execute all that you need to do. If you don’t have your business systematized, you will most likely find yourself overwhelmed with a lack of organization.

The best sports teams governments, education systems, and social movements intentionally create systems they can rely on. 

One of the greatest ways to solve problems you might be experiencing in business is to implement a system. Remember that the best systems take time to implement, so if it doesn’t work perfectly at first, give it some more time. 

Culture Reconstructed gives some practical tips on how to employ a new system within your organization. This process can be intimidating but has the potential to totally revolutionize your business. 

The results from effective systems can be staggering. Everyone knows where to put information and pull data from, communication becomes easier, expectations are clarified, and employees save time. Don’t discount the power of an effective system. Take time to research, plan, and effectively implement a system that fits with your culture, and I guarantee you will start to see positive results. 

For more on this topic, including ways to implement and train for a new system, check out Culture Reconstructed, available January 2020!


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