Strengths – Culture Reconstructed

Jan 15, 2020

“The topic of strengths is a building block that should be revisited often, because your top and bottom line can benefit if everyone is firing on all cylinders.”

Do you know the strengths of your team? More importantly: are you utilizing the strengths of your team? Because even if you know all the great things your team has to offer, it will mean nothing to the organization if you aren’t using them to their full potential. 

At Elevate we have several methods for determining the strengths of our team. StrengthsFinder, Kolbe, and Myers-Briggs are just a few of the assessments we use to better understand how our team is “wired” and what strengths they bring to the table. 

Organizations are made up of individuals, and from my perspective, variety in talent, make-up, experience, and education is a beautiful thing. 

Remarkable leaders recognize that their people are different and shouldn’t be treated the exact same. They understand the importance of surrounding themselves with individuals who are strong in areas they are not. 

As a leader, admit you don’t possess all the strengths. Most of us were told we need to be the best at all things at all time, which is just plain impossible. Your culture will thrive when you can lean on the strengths of others, and learn to mutually respect those differences.

For more on this subject, including three ways to ensure your organization has a strengths-based culture, check out Culture Reconstructed, available January 2020!


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