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Jan 13, 2020

“Some of the best moments in my career happened when I was communicated to clearly, even when the information wasn’t the best to receive. When employers and employees clarify expectations and cut through ambiguity, the organization has a better opportunity to thrive.”

Cut. Through. Ambiguity. If you take nothing else away from this post, remember that. 

Teams that feel out of the loop automatically feel isolated from management. Make sure that you are being transparent with your employees. 

Here are just a few effective tips to consider in increasing communication in your team. 

Trade telling for asking. Don’t discount the specific words you use to delegate tasks to your team. It makes a difference and conveys a lot to them. 

Trade generic for authentic. Strive to understand others and be specific in asking them genuine, thoughtful questions. This one takes some time but leads to much more loyal employees who feel valued and cared for. 

Trade cool for real. Sometimes it doesn’t feel cool to have real conversations and to say what needs to be said in a business. Don’t let your desire to look a certain way keep you from being honest and transparent with your team. 

Trade withholding for acknowledging. This concept is true for both the good and bad sides of a company. When someone does something praiseworthy, acknowledge it. Call them out and encourage them for their hard work. When you have to deliver bad news, do it with this same sense of transparency. Be direct and communicate what needs to be said. 

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