Hiring – Culture Reconstructed

Jan 10, 2020

Before beginning the interview process, evaluate where you are, decide where you want the team to go, and ask questions to help define a quality candidate.”

Hiring is such an essential concept to your team because nothing is more important to the success of your company than the people. 

On your way to building a strong culture, it’s important to remember that not everything you want to learn about a potential job candidate is on their resume. 

Let that sink in for a second. If you tend to do things by the book that might be a revolutionary idea for you. 

In all honesty, I don’t really care about resumes. Of course I want to know all I can about this person who might be joining my team, but resumes tend to be the PR version of someone rather than a comprehensive look at their personality and character. 

When hiring new employees I try to ask questions that will give me a good idea as to who the person is and whether or not they would be a good fit for my team. 

In hiring new employees, be sure to look for diverse candidates with different skills, talents, and interests. But remember to always hire people who will exemplify your company values and take you further in accomplishing your goals. 

The best interview questions should look at both the skillset and personality fit of potential candidates coming into your business. 

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