Gather – Culture Reconstucted

Jan 6, 2020

“Reminding, inspiring, encouraging, and educating are all wonderful reasons to get together, but I have found that authentic engagement is the key ingredient.”

There is a reason this is the first chapter in my book. Think about it. It is nearly impossible to conduct a business without gathering around other people. 

Your client. Your team. Family. Friends. Nearly every facet of your life consists of gathering with other people. So much so that I think many of us have lost sight of the incredible power this concept holds.

One thing you’ll notice is that the majority of the concepts in my book aren’t new. But when applied effectively, they can be revolutionary in improving your business. 

Whatever it may be, hold on to the idea of authentic engagement. 

Culture Reconstructed breaks down this idea of gathering even further with my Theory of Connection. This venn diagram concept pulls together the idea of mind, heart, and being to fully illustrate all sides of a healthy business culture, and how important it can be in effectively gathering people around you. 

If you lead a group of people, you should never discount the importance of the mind, heart, and being in understanding and helping the people in your organization. By no means do you need to control or be involved with every aspect of their lives, but you should have a good understanding of who they are and what will help them do their very best. 

For more on this subject, check out Culture Reconstructed, available January 2020!



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