Finding the Right People

Dec 31, 2019

I love challenging myself to achieve more.

As a new decade approaches, I am reminded of my need to improve my business, my leadership, and myself. While this might sound like a strictly personal endeavor, I think it is quite the opposite. 

Pushing yourself to become a better person involves pushing yourself to find people who will make you a better person. 

The Power of Feedback

A lot of us lose sight of the pivotal role other people play in our journey of self-improvement. As a business leader, I love hearing honest, constructive feedback on my leadership. 

Now, feedback isn’t always the easiest thing to hear. It can be surprising and even disappointing, but if we use it to push ourselves forward, we have a very powerful tool. But it isn’t good enough to simply ask everyone we know for feedback. We have to find those people who we trust and who genuinely want to make us better. 

The Importance of Your People

All of our happiness comes in a continual growth mode – when you’re stagnant you’re unhappy.

My friend Chris Harder recently told me that, and I am amazed at how true I find that statement to be in my own life. 

The greatest way to grow is with the help of other people. At my company, Elevate Experiences, I am constantly challenged to grow from simply being around other incredibly talented individuals. People with other strengths have wildly different perspectives on life and leadership. 

Your Weakness

Your weakness doesn’t have to be your undoing. 

I think that’s an important thing to establish, especially when discussing the idea of self-improvement. 

As humans, we tend to have justification for everything. Our tough situations, our unhappiness, our weakness. All of these excuses keep us buried within our own discomfort. But very few of us have a strong desire to see that change. 

With a new year approaching, now is a great time to reevaluate the things in our lives that we have let slide and put up with for way too long. Instead of following the same familiar pattern and coming up with excuses for negative circumstances, we have to learn to use the negatives as fuel for our future.

But we can’t do it alone.

The great thing about finding good people is that they have strengths that compliment our weaknesses. So instead of running from these weaknesses or shortcomings, we can run to the people around us who challenge us to grow and turn our weaknesses into strengths. 

As we move out of this decade and into the next, I would challenge you to find those people who you can trust. 

Stop making excuses. Fight the urge to shrink back at your weaknesses. And realize that growth happens when you aren’t afraid to ask for help.

For more on this topic, listen to the Created For Experience podcast “Finding the Right People” with Chris Harder, Part 1.


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