The Power of Ideas

Dec 10, 2019

The Power of Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a lot of ideas.

Maybe it’s about new possibilities at work. Or something to do with your family. Or maybe it’s purely for entertainment value. 

Some of these ideas may seem feasible, others may be more unrealistic – but they’re ideas nonetheless. 

As humans, I believe most of us have two voices in our heads that are automatically triggered by one of these new ideas. 

One voice tells us our wild aspirations couldn’t possibly go anywhere. Another thinks about how amazing it would be if they actually did. 

I believe we should spend more time listening to this second voice. The voice that says “YES”.

Listening to the Right Voice

When we choose to listen to the affirming voice, we won’t automatically find that all of our ideas work. If that were the case, more people would be trading a negative mindset for this more enjoyable one. Odds are, when we choose to go after ideas that pop into our mind, we will still have a lot more nos than we do yeses. That’s just how life works. 

But what we will find is that we’ll more likely than not have a few that actually do work out. 

And we might even find that the craziest ideas sometimes yield the craziest potential. 

Asking Bigger

So how can we actually pursue these crazy ideas? A lot of times they involve circumstances completely outside of our control. 

That’s where other people come in. In order to achieve our wildest ambitions, we have to ask for help. And sometimes that means asking big. 

Now I know that’s a lot easier said than done. 

A lot of us are averse to asking for help for fear of putting others out or looking weak or facing rejection.

But when we push past these fears and ask the right people the right questions, we have the greatest potential for success. 

Stewarding Ideas

So why does this even matter? 

Why should I put myself out there for something that could potentially lead to failure or even embarrassment? 

My friend Jeff Henderson, a pastor and fellow businessman, challenged me a lot in this area recently. He has the mindset that pushing yourself to ask bigger and do more with your ideas has some of the greatest potential. 

Jeff is the one who introduced me to this concept of idea stewardship – taking advantage of the ideas that we have because they are uniquely our own. 

What I’m not saying is that every idea that pops into your head is a good one. I think most of us have probably learned that the hard way. What I am saying is that there are some ideas that are worth taking seriously. Worth more consideration than a fleeting thought. And if they are not explored fully by us, the world could be missing out on something great. 

Ask yourself how you can dream bigger. How you can listen to your grandest notions. 

What ideas do you have that are worth pursuing and asking big to achieve? 

For more on this topic listen to the Created For Experience podcast – Know What You’re For featuring Jeff Henderson.

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