Turning the Page

Oct 21, 2019

Blake and Billy

“Give yourself permission to turn the page.

I heard this quote recently and really resonated with the idea of moving on after a struggle. It’s a lot easier said than done though, isn’t it?

When faced with a challenge, it is often incredibly difficult to see any way out. And even when the challenge is over, closure is not always readily available. For many people, struggles continue to take hold, even years after the actual problem has passed. It’s only when the page is turned and the mental barrier is crossed that true healing and progress can take place.

A change in mindset is essential to overcoming. You can rid yourself of the problem, but if you have not shifted your perspective, you cannot hope to completely overcome it.

“Don’t view things as happening to you, but happening for you.”

This quote has inspired me in my own life, and shown me that all situations have a purpose in directing our path. Situations arise that might be completely unexpected or overwhelming at first. But if we can learn to view these situations as gifts instead of burdens, we can finally begin to move on.

Again – Give yourself permission to turn the page.

It’s not always easy to move on from a struggle but when we allow ourselves to turn the page, that is when progress is truly made.

Emotional and mental health are critical to both personal and professional success in life. It is so easy to let your mind wander to negative thoughts, especially when comparing your business, you life, and your struggles with someone else’s.

I recently interviewed an old friend, Blake Howard, on my podcast, who talked about some of his struggles and the path that led him to his job, his spouse, and his home. For Blake a big part of this path was seeing doors close and understanding that he needed a mindset change. After going through a break up, he was forced to change his plan for the future and ended up making a big move to a new city. Once he got there and started a business, he found himself, along with millions of other Americans, struggling financially through the Great Recession. Through both of these incidents, as hard as they were to face, he was forced to change and refocus. In the end, he was able to look back, turn the page, and feel grateful for where he had come and the path that led him to his current position.

Another thing that helps in the tough times is hearing stories of people overcoming. It is often difficult to even consider a breakthrough in our own lives when no one else seems to be struggling. However, when we hear about the journeys of people like Blake and understand the difficulties they had to overcome, we can truly appreciate our own struggles and see the purpose behind the pain.

I’ve always been a sports fan, and loved the idea of game-changing plays. A couple seconds, a single split-second decision can change the game for good. I think this translates so well to life – in the workplace, at home, or wherever you find yourself in between. Learn to feel that sense of urgency. There is a lot on the line, but also incredible potential right around the corner. So make those game-changing plays. It may motivate you in your job, teach you to appreciate the blessings in life around you, and hopefully even help you turn the page and step into the future.

For more on this topic, including the entire interview with Blake Howard, listen to the Created for Experience podcast – Overcoming with Courage.

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