Reset Your Mind

Oct 21, 2019

In today’s society it seems like constant busyness is praised. We rush from one thing to the next, striving after success in a world that is always on the move. With this happening around us all the time, taking a break can easily be misconstrued as weakness. No wonder it is so difficult to give ourselves permission to stop, reset, and start again. 


Many of us would admit that mental health is important, especially when working long hours and juggling a hundred different responsibilities. On paper, that’s a no brainer. So why is it so difficult to find time to rest, the one thing that will improve our mental health the most? Why do we make so many excuses for taking time to ourselves? We worry about being selfish, or wasting time, or getting behind in work.


But let’s not confuse ambition with recklessness.


Sure, attempts to get ahead without rest will garner some short-term success, but in the long run we will find ourselves burned out and bitter. Doesn’t sound fun does it? And it won’t just affect us, it will affect our families, friends, and co-workers who have to deal with us on a daily basis. So any excuse that taking time to ourselves is selfish is invalid. If anything, it helps not only us but those around us as well. 


It is incredibly important to give yourself a space to reset. 


This might be easy once or twice, but for a lot of us, it can become a nearly impossible task to make “resetting” a daily or even weekly habit. Even now, reading this blog, you probably have ten different things floating around in your mind, vying for your immediate attention. So what can you do about it?


The short answer is this: it depends on the person, but you have to find a way to reset that works for you.


For my friend Michael Dash, sound meditation is his preferred method of resetting his mind. Sitting in solitude, listening to calming sounds helps to recenter his thoughts and give him peace of mind. 


If you want to work out, read a book, pray, or just sit in silence, take some time to recenter yourself. It’s not selfish and it’s not trivial. Emotional and mental health are incredibly important, especially with so much going on around you at any given time. Giving yourself some enjoyment and rest before accomplishing the tasks ahead will give you a greater ability to be fully present in all you do. 


For more on this topic, listen to the Created for Experience podcast – Owning Your Choices, featuring Michael Dash


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