Podcasting is Changing the Game

Sep 30, 2019

Podcasting is Changing the Game

Billy B recording podcast


Since 2004, podcasts have revolutionized the way people take in information, giving producers more freedom to target niche markets and providing listeners with countless hours of entertainment. Over the last fifteen years, this medium has expanded and captured the attention of more and more listeners, whose wide-ranging interests are accounted for in the 700,000 podcasts currently available.

In the same way music streaming platforms have overtaken music over the radio, podcasts are continually outperforming radio talk shows, simply by the sheer number of podcast episodes listeners can choose from on a daily basis. Unlike radio, podcasting is free from government regulation and allows producers to tap into niche markets too obscure for a radio station.

According to the New York Times, nearly 40% of people between the age of 12 and 24 have listened to a podcast within the last month. Additionally, 14 million people from all age groups described themselves as weekly podcast listeners, making this medium one of the fastest growing in America today.

Podcasts cover every niche imaginable, giving listeners far more than just entertainment value. Opportunities for educational and practical business knowledge are abundant in this medium, offering specialized advice in some of the most obscure areas. If you have an interest in it, odds are there is a podcast about it. From politics to business to comedy to health, the possibilities are truly endless.

Another benefit of podcasting is that it gives everyone a voice. As long as you have an idea, minimal equipment, and a willingness to continue recording episodes, you have an outlet for spreading your message. Once you start your own podcast, it is only a matter of finding guests within your specific niche in order to develop a following and build your brand.

Three Key Takeaways

Billy Boughey and Blake Howard (Co-Founder of Matchstic) are recording an episode of the Created for Experience Podcast in 2019

As the podcasting platform continues to grow exponentially, there is so much potential for learning and entertainment within this medium. If you are new to the podcasting scene, challenge yourself to listen to a new podcast every week. Start with the subjects that interest you the most and then venture into new categories.

If you’re looking to start your own podcast, try to visit a live podcast recording to see the production of an episode firsthand. These tend to be more laid back than a traditional radio broadcast and can give you the incredible benefit of making connections with others with similar interests. The real world experience offered in recording your own podcast is invaluable as well. If nothing else, it allows individuals the opportunity to share their thoughts with the world, oftentimes from the comfort of their own home.

Since the podcasting market is a lot more specialized than traditional radio, it allows for much greater interaction between listeners and producers. For example, how many radio stations ask you to like, comment, and subscribe to their station? Probably very few. However, it’s rare to listen to a podcast that doesn’t ask that of its listeners. The producers of these shows thrive on interaction with their audience and desire to build a platform for their personal or professional goals. So next time you listen to a podcast that adds value to your life, leave a review and make those connections that are so important in this medium.

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