5 Tips to Help You Maximize Your College Experience: Part 3

Sep 13, 2019

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Welcome back to part three of our blog series about maximizing your time in college. Michael, former intern, here. If you missed part one or two, check them out first before coming back to this one.


Enjoy the final post of this series! Let’s jump back in…


  1. Give it the best effort you possibly can…

Class should be priority #1. I mean, someone is paying a lot of money for you to be in college. Whether it’s you, your parents, or student loans, you have good reason to be working as hard as you can. If you join a club or have a job, great! But don’t let those things fall by the wayside either. Commitments should be taken seriously because a strong work ethic is not suddenly developed when you graduate college, it is developed over time and will carry you far when you get in a professional setting. 


But have fun!

This last tip might seem easy or even cliche, but as I look back on the last four years of my life, I can say for certain that I had SO. MUCH. FUN. Fun shouldn’t necessarily be your top priority, but it can make or break a college experience. Just picture yourself fifty years from now, telling your grandkids about your time in college. I can almost guarantee you will not be talking about class or your tedious part time job. You will talk about the nights you spent with your friends, the spontaneous trips you took, and the incredible experiences you were able to have because you took a break. If that’s hard for you to do, schedule breaks. I know scheduled fun seems counter intuitive, but if you need reminders to do even seemingly simple things (don’t we all?), write it into your planner. You can also have a friend hold you accountable to take some time off. Spend time with that friend while you’re at it!


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I had it all together in college or I had the perfect college experience. There were plenty of difficult and trying moments, but I believe even in those times, I was able to learn more about myself. 


I won’t promise doing all of these things will ensure the perfect college experience or that you will even agree with these points. Hopefully, a couple thoughts will resonate with you and give you some guidance in this incredible time in your life. 


And if all else fails, never discount the power of a good nap.


Here’s to a great four (or maybe more) years,




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