5 Tips to Help You Maximize Your College Experience: Part 1

Sep 5, 2019

5 Tips to Help You Maximize Your College Experience: Part 1


Hey everyone! 


Team Billy B intern, Michael, here. I am proud to say I am a recent college Georgia College graduate. (Go Bobcats!) I am grateful Billy cares about college students and investing in their leadership. The time between high school and entering the “real world” is such a formative time. It’s never too early to invest in who you are becoming. It’s not always easy to be intentional though.


The truth is that college is a confusing time. 


For me, it was by far the most enjoyable, hectic, and impactful phase of my life. Between making new friends, taking new classes, and living away from home for the first time ever, there are plenty of ups and downs.  


This rollercoaster of an experience is difficult to put into words. I couldn’t think of a more fitting way of describing it than a list of paradoxes, to show both sides of the college experience. 


There is no one piece of perfect advice I can give you. I am not too far removed from this phase of my life, but hopefully, my perspective can give a little bit of insight into the things that make college all that it can be. 


  1. Know what you stand for…

Whether college is behind you, ahead of you or you’re in the midst of it, one thing you should absolutely know, is what you stand for. College tends to be the place where people “discover themselves” and learn who they are as an independent person, but I think that learning that about yourself as soon as possible will make the rest of your life so much easier. So if you haven’t started college yet and you already have a firm grasp on who you are as a person, you are off to a great start. Coming into college, I had a strong foundation in my faith, and I knew that I wanted to find friends pursuing the same things as me. Once I got to college, it was easy to find the people that encouraged me to be the best version of myself. This became my go-to group for the next four years. However, thankfully it didn’t stop there. 


But be open enough to grow

If that was the end of my experience with people in college, I would have missed out on so much. Although several of the friends I made were very similar to me, others were quite different. Coming out of high school, I had very little experience interacting with people from different backgrounds. For this reason, college was a little bit of a shock at first. My freshman year roommate was the complete opposite of me in every way, and I really didn’t know what to expect going into the year. However, talking to him and getting to know him personally, completely changed the way I understand and see other people. Yes, I knew what I stood for and the type of people I wanted to be around, but I was also able to see the amazing things that different people bring to the table. 


  1. Prepare Yourself for the Future…

I know a lot of people would like to stay in the “college phase” for as long as possible. Some might even take the “victory lap” and stay for a fifth or sixth year. Regardless, the real world is coming. Fast. So do yourself a favor and prepare. Now, I don’t mean looking for a full-time adult job as a freshman, but I do think it’s important to learn skills in college that will help you later in life. Maybe it’s taking a public speaking course or learning another language or even taking a campus job to help you learn skills in customer service. Whatever it might be, know that it is developing you into the well-rounded adult you were created to be. 


But know that growth happens in the present

Where some people would like to stay in college for the rest of their life, other people want the exact opposite. And to be honest, I definitely went through phases of just wanting to be done, to move on, to get on with my life. Personally, I hate feeling stuck, and college could sometimes feel like a chore that would never end. If you have ever related to this, in or out of the college setting, know that this process is not a waste. Even if your roommates are annoying, or you’re failing a class, or you can’t remember the last time you had a full eight-hours of sleep, know that you are being developed in this weird in-between phase. True growth happens when you are willing to embrace the difficulty of your circumstances and learn something from it. 


College is one of the most growing and life changing experiences that most people have  A lot of times in college, it can be easy to slip into the mindset of “what’s going to happen next”. Whether it is focusing on the job or internship that you want to apply for, the big test that you have next week, or even the next game night with your friends. Remember to also focus and enjoy where you are now. You won’t have these years back and you will want these memories. Make sure you tune in soon for the next part of my college series.

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