The Secret to Living Without Regrets

Sep 4, 2019

The Secret to Living Without Regrets

Living without regrets

I recently released a video about living with no regrets. This is something I hope will inspire others and grow leaders. This topic is important and meaningful. Make sure you check out the video on my Facebook page if you haven’t already.


The secret to living without regrets – something everyone tries to do. How do you find the secret and start living this way? I believe that I have the answer to that question. 


Live every moment like it’s your last. Live everyday like it’s the fourth quarter of the game. I am passionate about this fourth-quarter mentality. 


Have you ever seen a football player hold up four fingers during the fourth quarter of a game? This sign is a reminder for the team to push forward and give it their all before the time runs out. They are finishing by giving it everything they’ve got until the end of the game. What has happened previously doesn’t matter because they have one more chance to pull through and end the game triumphantly.


What if, instead of waiting until the end of our lives to make this push, we started now? What if we lived every moment like it was our last? I think too many people treat life like a marathon and wait until the last minute to start sprinting when you could be sprinting now. You can make that impact today. You can achieve that next goal today. 


My challenge to you is to live your life with no regrets and to have a fourth-quarter mentality.


Fourth quarter,

Billy B.

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