An Intern’s Perspective: Part 2 with Abbie

May 31, 2019

If I could walk into every new place with a personalized introduction, song and confetti cannon, I would!

Elevate Experiences is different than any other company I have walked into but in the best way. I love our team culture here, the values and the vision. I’m excited to grow here and to start living out the values.

One core value evident here is relationships. I have felt so cared for and invested in during my short time in the office. I’m excited to get to know people this summer, and I already feel connections and friendships starting to grow.

Everything in my internship has been very intentional. From orientation meetings to role responsibilities, I can tell things have a purpose. I am confident I am going to grow and learn so much more than I already have. Interns here aren’t making coffee runs or making copies all day. They get to gain real-life skills and become more prepared for the future during their internship. Elevate adds value to their interns which I am really thankful for.


One of my favorite moments of my first week was our weekly Team Billy B meeting on Wednesday. This was my first meeting with the whole team, and it was so productive. We had the chance to talk about any and all ideas we have for his content. Having the freedom to sit and brainstorm was helpful. I enjoyed hearing everyone’s ideas, where we want him to go and ways to get him there. Defining what kind of content he puts out, what he does not and hearing what others had to say was so beneficial.

This summer, I want to have an impact. I want to make the most out of this internship and gain skills but also help Team Billy B as much as I can. I created three goals to help me accomplish this.

  1. Work to improve our overall social strategy and increase interaction to reach an average of 1,000 people per organic post.
  2. Create a giveaway to increase the number of email subscribers by at least 50 people.
  3. Come up with new and fun ideas to promote Billy’s podcasts, vlogs and blogs.

I hope to accomplish these three goals and more during my internship and to add value. I’m excited to continue to research, work and implement new ideas!

I’m really looking forward to this summer filled with learning, growing and lots of confetti!

Yours truly,

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