An Intern’s Perspective: Part 1 with Michael

May 24, 2019

Before I even entered the Elevate Experiences office on my first day, one thing was abundantly clear. Elevate is not like most companies.

Each of the interns were greeted with genuine enthusiasm, high fives, and a whole lot of confetti. If you know Elevate, you know that this is just a typical day at the office.

Many companies hire interns to do the dirty work. The work that no one else wants to do or that is inconvenient for the staff. And interns are definitely not seen as equals.

Once again, Elevate is not like most companies.

Not only does Elevate raise the bar for fun, but it sets a higher standard of professionalism and achievement for its interns.  

In the process of looking for an internship, some might say I was a little picky.

Alright, I was very picky.

But for good reason. I didn’t want my summer to be wasted or to consist of busy work that would get me nowhere in the rest of my career. So, I applied to Elevate.

I didn’t realize just how much I lucked out with this internship until it actually started. I am passionate about getting out of my comfort zone, and this experience has already pushed me to think bigger and push the limits of my creativity.

In the first week, I have been given hands-on tasks that were thoughtfully assigned to me. I have worked at an event, participated in a brainstorming session, and collaborated alongside some amazing staff here. These tasks provide the perfect balance between allowing me to utilize the skills I already possess, while also giving me the freedom to learn some new ones in the process.

The most important thing for me is resonating with a company’s values and being passionate about what the organization stands for. Elevate and the Billy B team (my specific focus for this internship) have visions easy to get behind. It’s already so rewarding to be a part of two teams with the desire to make a difference and create lasting impact in our world.

Elevate has already shown me that this will not be an ordinary summer.

I’m looking forward to a semester full of excitement, growth, and amazing opportunities.

Oh, and confetti. Lots of confetti.

Happy Friday,

Michael Campagna


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