Facing New Responsibilities

Sep 21, 2018

Facing New Responsibilities

Transitioning to a new job is a wonderful, beautiful, exciting and terrifying thing. Here are a couple points to consider when starting a new job.

First, you have to understand the organization’s culture. Before you start a new job, go to the ends of the internet reading and watching videos, doing all you can to discover what the organization is all about. I’m shocked that people start a new job and don’t know much about the history of the company. Some organizations publish more than others, but spend time reading blogs, examining key leaders, and learning the values so you can come in with a working knowledge of that business.

Second, for the first week, I like to say be on your toes, not your heels. When approaching new people, a firm handshake and a look in the eye goes a long way. What goes even further is showing that you are willing to serve and go above and beyond during your first week as a team member.

The third point to transition well to a new job is to focus in fully on what your role is and what’s required of you. By the time you start a new job, you should have a clear vision of what you will be doing in your role. It amazes me that some people will start a job not knowing what the requirements and expectations of their role are. You need to make sure you know where you are emotionally and that you understand exactly what you need to do to knock that ball out of the park.


Lastly, pay attention to yourself. Monitor your physical fitness, eating habits, how much water you’re drinking, and watch how you’re doing emotionally. It can be very tricky to try to inject yourself into a new culture. Give it time. Be patient with yourself. I would even recommend journaling and blogging in the process.

Transitioning to a new job has its perks, benefits, and excitement. Use these ways to think through a new role you’re starting. Go rock it, and send me a message about what you got from this particular piece of content.

Your fan,
Billy B

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